Pre-order the new album today!

Your response to the first single, “Where Were You,” has been amazing – thanks so much for all the continued support. The band’s been firing on all cylinders and we actually have a few more songs that we think you’d love that we want to add to the album! We’re moving as fast as we can but we have to push the release of the album back a bit – to August 19 – to accommodate the extra material. Sorry about that but we think you’ll agree that it’ll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, we don’t want to make you wait too long to hear some of the new tracks, so we’ll be giving you some of the new songs before the release date when you pre-order the album on iTunes. You can now get “Where Were You” immediately when you pre-order the album, and then we’ll deliver two additional tracks to you before the album comes out. Look for some new videos and tour dates too!”  You can pre-order the album on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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